Conquer your phobias and panic attacks fast & easy

Every third person in the world suffers from phobias or panic attacks. These fears significantly affect the quality of life and deprive us of the most essential – freedom. Fortunately, almost every person who experiences anxieties has the ability to learn to control his or her fears, and eventually – get rid of them completely.

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Conquer your fears – it’s easy

Fears, phobias, and panic attacks are not forever. Do not let them take over your life. Learn to control them!

No more therapists

No more pills. To get rid of fears is easier than one might think. All you need is knowledge, modern technologies, and some practice.

Learn more about fears and phobias

Become an expert in your fear. Learn what causes it. Get rid of false assumptions and beliefs. Also, learn about perfectionism and how it affects fears, anxieties, phobias, and panic attacks.

Learn to control

Develop an appropriate reaction to fear and panic attacks. Learn how to control your fear and not let it control your life.

Change your reflexes

Train your reaction to the object of fear and develop new reflexes once in a fearful situation or environment.

Learn automated methods of fear control

Right on your smartphone, here and now, you can learn absolutely everything that is needed to improve the quality of your life and give up the habit of being afraid and avoiding. Without long and expensive therapy sessions.
Alex Gervash
Founder of #No_Fear
The founder of the app, Alex Gervash, has put 8 years of experience helping thousands of people with various fears, phobias, and panic attacks into this affordable app that can significantly improve your relationship with fears.

Phobias and panic attacks therapy course, using virtual reality

It’s much easier than you may think. Start by using #No_Fear to learn more about your fear, what causes it, its physiology and psychology. Learn to control your thoughts and your body. 
Then, with the help of exposure therapy, you will train your reflexes. It is well known, that phobias become reflexes. Fortunately, any reflex can be substituted by another. The app uses virtual reality technology and special 360-degree videos. After repeatedly placing yourself in a fearful situation and using the newly acquired knowledge, you will feel much more comfortable when in contact with the object of fear. And, with time, it will be gone completely.

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#No_fear is a highly-technological solution that is ahead of its time by several years. With its help you will be able to conquer your fears and phobias much easier, faster, and cheaper.


The app uses special 360-degree videos, so you would find yourself right in the midst of the situation. You would be impressed by how realistic it looks!

Virtual reality

For optimal results we recommend using virtual reality glasses.

by experts

The app #No_fear was developed by professionals in the field of psychotherapy of phobias and panic attacks. It is based on 8 years of experience helping over 7000 people around the world. Project developer – Alex Gervash – is a pilot, psychologist, and anxious disorder therapy specialist.

Q & A

I don’t believe it’ll help me! I am SOOO afraid of heights (planes – metro – elevators – shopping centers – escalators, etc.) – NOTHING can help me!
Phobias are relatively easy to eliminate. The only issue is that people with phobias are usually very suspicious… and they struggle their whole life, saying that “nothing will help me” and “I don’t believe”! #No_Fear was especially developed to help you take that first step, even if you “do not believe.” You are not risking much, so give yourself a chance. Life without phobias is a lot brighter, more colorful and free.
I realize that in virtual reality glasses I am not in a real elevator (plane – metro – shopping center, etc.). Why should this scare me?
Phobia becomes a reflex with time. If you tend to avoid, for example, planes or elevators, even a regular video of a takeoff or a stuck elevator on YouTube will activate the mechanism of fear. Virtual reality is a lot more realistic than a regular video. You will experience fear – we promise that. ☺ And if you have fear – you can work with it!
Well, even if I will learn not to be afraid of a virtual airplane, in real life I will still experience fear?
When you have phobias, it is often not about the actual object of fear, but rather about your attitude towards your anxious state. Once you learn to control your fear with the help of the app and training sessions in virtual reality, these skills with help you in a real-life situation when you happen to be in a previously feared situation.

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